The Krampus – A True Story

Gerhart von Kap-herr

I was born in Salzburg, Austria, a city populated primarily with Roman Catholics. We began each year’s celebration of the birth of Christ with Advent on the first Sunday in December. As children, nearly a century ago, our traditions were quite different from those I share with my family in North America today. For one thing, we were not permitted see the decorated Christmas tree until Christmas Eve. And for another, we did not have a ‘Santa Claus’, the roly-poly jolly man shouting “Ho-Ho-Ho!” with a toy factory at the North Pole and a sled drawn by magic flying reindeer.
Saint Nicholas was a Greek Bishop of the 4th century and was canonized as the patron saint of children, sailors, merchants and pawnbrokers, for the miracles that were attributed to him at that time.
I do not know when it became a custom in Austria for Saint Nicholas to make…

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Even thoughts have their own reputation

Words dipped in Happiness

Sometimes the thoughts regret to link to our brain’s searching algorithms, because they don’t want to come under the spotlight of the brain without being completely prepared of what purpose they are going for a long process of transformation of a spark into the form of Words.

Brain is the organ of our body which searches, responses, transforms our signals, actions and thoughts in a way that they can be interpreted by our senses. It has the access to search over all the files and directories stored in us . Brain store incidents in the form of memories and heart stores things in the form of feelings. Thoughts even though are generated in our brain, they get a feeling only when they fall in hearts of readers. Our body is the internet, and brain is the server where the information is collected or stored. Our body organs upload and download…

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Conversation with Private Drivers


I have been a loyal fan of 3rd party driver Apps since I arrived Kuala Lunpur six months ago. Especially since an article came out about Kuala Lumpur having the worst cab drivers in the world. I’m not about to place my life in the hands of careless drivers or dishonest ones like touts.

Many cab drivers (not only in Malaysia but in other parts of the world) have requested/ appealed / threatened their government to remove 3rd party private drivers applications as it threatens their livelihood. My standpoint is if the country have an excellent cab safety and regulations, there won’t be a market for companies like Über, Grabtaxi to squeeze through. But enough about my thoughts, let’s see what private drivers think.

Please do note that the drivers I have spoken to have no idea I was conducting an interview, it was all casual conversations between them…

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Baby, it’s cold outside… and inside, too

It’s Sunday morning in November.  A chilly morning at that; this was my first thought upon waking up.   I walked over to the thermostat; turn it all you might, to no avail.  Grrrr

My rent is quite reasonable, including heat & electricity.  This however comes with the price.  The heat is on whenever the management sees fit, and it’s hard for the younger people to understand what slightly older folks go through once the fall kicks in.  I have numbness in my feet due to a diabetic neuropathy and they have become extremely sensitive to cold.  Try explaining this to the Rental Office and good luck with it.

As luck would have it, all this goes on during the weekend and is not an emergency so I have no choice but to put up with it.   It’s November and the temperature is in the 40’s.  Isn’t that cold enough?  Someone…

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