Conversation with Private Drivers


I have been a loyal fan of 3rd party driver Apps since I arrived Kuala Lunpur six months ago. Especially since an article came out about Kuala Lumpur having the worst cab drivers in the world. I’m not about to place my life in the hands of careless drivers or dishonest ones like touts.

Many cab drivers (not only in Malaysia but in other parts of the world) have requested/ appealed / threatened their government to remove 3rd party private drivers applications as it threatens their livelihood. My standpoint is if the country have an excellent cab safety and regulations, there won’t be a market for companies like Über, Grabtaxi to squeeze through. But enough about my thoughts, let’s see what private drivers think.

Please do note that the drivers I have spoken to have no idea I was conducting an interview, it was all casual conversations between them…

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