American Jobs, Wal-Mart And China

Truth Troubles

American Jobs – Wal-Mart – China

As you probably know that in the media we’re hearing advertisements more and more about made in America products where companies and people pushing the made in the USA slogan. Yet still do you remember that the uniforms for our Olympic athletes were originally made in China instead of America? Eventually the fuss was made loud enough that new uniforms were made for them, here in America. There are companies here in America starving for orders (work) yet so many American corporations that are global conglomerates who will analyze everything down to the penny, and if they can literally save a few pennies on an order by having it made in China will not use the American workers, they instead buy products that are of no quality at all somewhere else, usually in China or India. By now do we Americans not know the…

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Let’s hear all about You!

Kevin Hellriegel's Blog of Worthless Advice

What have you been up to?

Don’t you hate that question?  Depending on the person, I always take a moment to reflect on what I have and haven’t been doing.  During this short moment of self-reflection, I have to decide whether or not I should be thinking about what I have done or what I haven’t done.  What is my mood at that particular moment….am I sarcastic? Am I excited?  Depressed?  Is the typical Pacific Northwest mood affecting me?  Is the rain getting me down?  Is my Facebook envy getting the better of me?

Today, I might say:

Well, I haven’t been posting on my blog…

Well, I haven’t been doing as much work on being a passive income (business) like I should….

I haven’t been working on my school photography business like I should…

Or preparing my business documents for my tax accountant like I should….

On the flip side…

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A Conversation On How To Train The Minds We Work With (cont)


Yesterday, we had invited a wonderful guest, Hammad to talk about his work as a Product Group Expert (PGX in short), today we shall continue to learn about how he motivate his peers and perhaps you can be inspired to do the same with your coworkers!

You mentioned before that you help out the existing employees with their work; do you see the difference in attitude between the new and the existing employees? How do you orientate the new employees into your company’s culture?

Let me answer the second part here first. In my company, the culture is definitely out of the box, if we compare it other Pakistani companies in same industry as my company. Frankly speaking, I don’t do much to orientate new employees in my company’s culture. Heck, no one else does anything about it. The moment they become part of our company, they see how things…

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What Version Of The ‘Truth’ Is Actually ‘The Truth’?

Truth Troubles

The online dictionary that I use is located at It surprised me on two levels, first it says that the word truth is a noun. Second surprise was the amount of definitions, there were eleven under noun if I recall correctly, then it went into ‘truth as an Idiom’ : in truth, in reality; in fact, actually. Dang, that’s a bit complicated for an old man like me. You know that when there is a numbering system going on within a definition that #1 is more used than #2 and so on. So let’s get to those so we can finish up this technical stuff and get into Theory, thought and Theology. #1 Says the definition of truth is: The true or actual state of a matter. Then #2 says: Conformity with fact or reality; Verity. The dictionary also said that the origin of the word truth is from…

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Journals 10.4 – Loiterings in Europe by John Corson (Part 4)

Windows into History

This is the fourth part of my article on Corson’s journal.  For the previous parts please see the entries posted on 4th, 11th and 18th January 2016.

Vesuvius An 18th Century eruption of Vesuvius, as painted by Joseph Wright

Corson was lucky enough to be in Rome for the inauguration of a new pope: Pius IX. The longest-serving pope since Saint Peter, Pius IX led the Catholic Church for more than 31 years, and was also the pope who lost the Papal States to Italy.

One bright morning the cannon of St. Angelo fired, and all Rome was in motion. I followed the crowd. Presently we were rushing, in one countless array of foot, horse, and carriages, past the Coliseum toward the ancient Church of St. John in Lateran. This splendid ancient edifice, on account of its alleged consecration by Constantine, and other circumstances, claims precedence even to St. Peter’s; and…

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Abdi Dalem in Indonesia

Joshi Daniel Photography

Portrait of an Abdi Dalem in the Royal Palace (Kraton) of Yogyakarta, Indonesia An Abdi Dalem | The Royal Palace (Kraton) of Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

The Abdi Dalems of Indonesia are royal servants. They live a life of devotion towards the sultanate palace and their sultan. The Abdi Dalem pictured here is a guide at the Royal Palace (Kraton) of Yogyakarta who gave me a moment for me to capture him while he was guiding a group.

A big thank you to Wonderful Indonesia and the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia for this great opportunity to meet new people and a number of amazing places in Indonesia.

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