A new pen and a new sheet of time

Words dipped in Happiness

Sitting in a room, a room full of darkness, it came out today to look for sunshine, disappointed it went back into the room. Tapping its fingers on the floor, it thought of its promotion to the work. It felt ashamed of all the bad events it unveiled this year and felt proud of all good events that took place this year. It pondered about the extra day that has been gifted to it, it was eager to make it count. Isolating itself from all the bad memories and bad dreams, it started focussing on the present with Passion in its months, Positivity in its weeks, Power in its days, Love in its hours, Happiness in its minutes and Peace in its seconds. It stood and faced itself in front of the mirror and said, “I am coming world, I am coming to make a difference. Who am I? I…

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[Review] Recommended Book – Secret Missions 2: The Lost Expeditions Of Sir Francis Burton



By: Zy Marquiez
December 31, 2015

In his second book in the ‘Secret Mission’ series, Walter Bosley takes us on an adventure that’s quite breathtaking as it is thought provoking.

Secret Missions 2: The Lost Expeditions Of Sir Francis Burtonis a strong sequel to the first book Secret Missions: The Hidden Legacy Of Old California, which was just as dynamite as this one.

Bosley begins by building the background for the case that Burton – as an agent of multiple institutions – carries out a classic ‘op within an op’ that covert circles are littered with.

From locale to locale facts are explored & synthesized, thence extrapolated from rather incisively in a way that makes the reader follow the case he is making for Burton’s hunt for an ancient civilization[s?].

Burton’s extensive work is used to build the case, and many of the finer theories are inferred quite…

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Too Little Time

amateur airplanes

Well it’s not looking like I will be able to add all of my current builds to the 2015 list. I think I can get at least one more added. Maybe two. I trekked out to the airbrush this morning and started all of the camouflage on the MiG-29, Skyraider, Voodoo, and Bronco. I will finish painting all four tomorrow leaving the 31st my final day to get four kits finished. Not likely. I’m just happy to get out there and get some paint moving.

The B-26 remains in the filling/sanding stage. I added what I hope to be the last of the filler last night and I will get it sanded and primed tonight. Hopefully I can get the wings attached and start advancing at a faster pace. The wings haven’t taken the dry fit test yet so I am unsure of what I am looking at with any…

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Why 2016 will be your best year ever ?

Suvarna Academy

We mourn each passing year how bad the year was. However, there are positives that you can reflect on too.

I wondered though as to why do we condemn the year for not being so great. Whatever is destined to happen in our lives will happen – either positive or negative.

2015 was the worst year in a decade for my family – losing a loved one who was so close to me. All that remains is memories.

Everything that could have gone wrong in my start up venture went wrong in the past few years.

Yet, I am hoping 2016 will be better, if not the best –  it’s a new year and winners always make a fresh start.  I wish 2016 will be the best year ever for you too.

My blogging journey so far has been an exciting one. I would like to thank everyone who interacted on…

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The Raven's Nest

Lady De Winter

Cold has made an entrance tiptoeing around the shores of Oz.

Lady De Winter will only die from the man who loved her most. Constance de Bonacieux used to whisper it to me in my dreams as I was growing up or maybe her ghost was. A pale light compare to the ice queen. A timid warmth in the middle of the Northen White season.

I am on the other side of the mirror now and Lady De Winter lost her nobility. She has become just Winter, a newborn child not strong enough to freeze the shores around me. She is beautiful though, enough to rapture the heart of Aramis again, children do that when they are happy. They make our heart overflow with peace, and I want to welcome her liked I have always welcomed Madame de Bonacieux.

From my window, I already see the whales on their journey…

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