December 6, 2015 – Snowman in the Keys

Dinata Misovec

Two years ago, we went to Wisconsin in December for my exceptional grandson Cam’s birth. While there, we went to Discovery World Science and Technology Center.  Just inside the door was a snowman made of plastic cups. Here is Daughter Jennifer holding newborn Cam and admiring the snowman.  I was charmed.

Log Plastic Cup Snowman

I vowed to make a snowman for myself, even though I think it is silly to have a snowman in the Florida keys.  We came here to get away from cold and snow, after all. This is the year.  We drove to Key West, to the restaurant food store, and bought some plastic cups.  Then I started stapling them together until I got a cramp in my hand.

I am not a craft person!  My snowman is uneven and crooked.  He tilts forward. Some of the cups stick out uneven with the ones around it. The three sections don’t…

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Day 1096: Trying hard to keep things real

The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

If you try hard to keep things real by trying hard to read some lyrics I wrote down during 2015 (as I was trying hard to memorize them) …


… you might see  the title of today’s post — “Trying hard to keep things real.”

Trying hard to keep things real when I try out for the TV show “The Voice” in February, I’ll be singing those lyrics, written by trying-hard-to-keep-things-real Todd Rundgren.

After trying hard to keep things real throughout 2015, I’ll be trying hard to keep things real in this new year of 2016.  Yes, I’m trying hard to keep things real  with that sole new year’s resolution.

How will you be trying hard to keep things real in 2016?

Last night, my son Aaron and I tried hard to keep things real by seeing a comedy show starring Mike Donovan, my favorite local Boston stand-up…

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So close to Xmas


I know Muslims don’t celebrate the birth of Christ, but if they come to a country which does then they should respect the traditions of their hosts. At this time of year we hear stories of people being told to remove their decorations as it goes against the teaching of Islam. So sorry people but if you feel threatened by our traditions feel free to return to Syria, Iraq or wherever you came from. You need us more than we need you.

The reason for that first paragraph is simple, I know a few Muslims who are grateful to be here, able to work and able to make a peaceful life for themselves here. They’re not critical of our traditions, they don’t celebrate themselves and offer no opinions about our celebration of a pagan festival in the name of Christianity. This is as it should be, disparate people getting along…

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