The Perfect balance: A royal walk

Words dipped in Happiness

New year has already knocked our doors and it’s also second day within a second. Time flies quickly, the trick is to fit in it. Time doesn’t take us anywhere, it just links two moments so that we can become what we want to become in this transition moment.

So I framed a quote, the count begins for me. The first quote of this year,

“Let’s not run for passion, this year let’s run with passion.”

Life can be best seen with the lens of passion and happiness. The more the passion, the more the happiness. The more the happiness, we feel the world more beautiful. We all are temporary visitors, having the ability to walk both sides, with legs into the future and with memories into the past. It is the perfect balance in between these that makes us live in the present. So maintain the balance and live…

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What’s Up?

Through Open Lens

Red tailed Hawk

F/11.0, 1/500, ISO400.

Red-tailed Hawk

What is a parrot’s favorite game?

Hide and Speak!

Interesting Fact: The “Harlan’s Hawk” breeds in Alaska and northwestern Canada, and winters on the southern Great Plains. This very dark form of the Red-tailed Hawk has a marbled white, brown, and gray tail instead of a red one. It’s so distinctive that it was once considered a separate species, until ornithologists discovered many individuals that were intermediate between Harlan’s and more typical Red-tailed Hawks. ( )

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Devil Girl Diaries – 9 (The Attack)

The Lonely Author


Every man has that one unforgettable woman that will haunt him until his final day; the girl that got away. Allie detested television, vanilla ice cream, and missionary. She explored the depths of her sexuality; while I discovered the heights of my pain. My muse had a nickname. I called her Devil Girl. I write these words to ease my sorrows. My name is Andrew.

This is our story.

Freaky Friday
That is what she called them
I called it my excursion into hell
this Friday she wanted to see porn
a tame and lame proposition
much safer than the norm
Imagining the fun we would have
Her full breasts and sweet legs in lingerie
Her mouth performing magic on my torso
unlocking the door to my apartment
I wondered if she had already arrived
Anxious for the festivities to begin
Entering the silent darkness
Don’t move a deep voice…

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Dredd (2013)


In Mega City One’s order and chaos, there is only one rule to follow…don’t break the Law!!!

Dredd Lionsgate in association with DNA Films, IM Global, Reliance Entertainment and Entertainment Film Distributors present…

Judge Dredd was created by Writer John Wagner, Artist Carlos Ezquerra and with Editor Patt Mills. The law enforcer first appeared in “2000 AD” No. 2 on March 5, 1977, where the character was based on the comic strip that was published through IPC Magazine in 1977. The company later merged with Fleetway Publications since 1999 after which, in June 2000 was bought by one of Europe’s leading games maker Rebellion Developments. Currently, the series resides with IDW Publishing since 2012.

The film was directed by Pete Travis (Endgame) who won the British Academy Television Award for “Omagh” and with Writer / Producer Alex Garland (28 Days Later) who had meritorious works with Director Danny Boyle’s films. The…

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Blog Stalking // Barefoot Blonde.

Ordinary Adventures

Good morning everyone.I have a treat for you all, I’m excited to recommend another sweetlifestyle blog! I’d like to show you all a little taste of Barefoot Blonde. Crafted by the new mommy of two, Amber has made a cozy, precious space on the Internet. Even at the young age of 25, she provides impeccable photography skills, beauty secrets, and my goodness, can I please have her hair?

Amber’s blog is atextbook example of a lifestyle blog, which I know I made that almost sound like a bad thing. I don’t mean it that way though, I only say it because her site focuses about 95% on just letting us get a peek at her life and her little family. There’s no DIYs, or TV show reviews, or blogging tips. It’s simpler than that. There will always be an inspiring and heart warming picture and usually a blurb on…

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