Ali’s itsy bitsy bites ( Brazilian Christmas Eve)

Ali's itsy bitsy bites

This is my first time to attend a Brazilian Christmas Eve dinner.


I really enjoying their company


Kind and joyful people.


You don’t feel that you are left out


Generous people with amazing food


I couldn’t stop my self from eating


The guys told me that they love meat and I will understand why when I try it


Thanks to our chef kadoo for cooking this lovely meat. Kadoo and me been enjoying fighting on the beef cut that had fat on it hahah. Yum yum


It is delicious so soft and tender with a perfect spices on it.


Garlic bread with cheese. You will be crazy if you don’t try it


And of course my favorite sections, dessert. selection of homemade dessert that you cannot say no to it.


But from all the desserts I enjoyed the caramelized cinnamon bread. It’s so delicious I forgot ask them then name…

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Day 1098: Apricity

The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

Yesterday, after appreciating the warmth of the sun on a winter’s day, I learned the definition of the word “apricity” at a taping of the National Public Radio show Says You! in Weston, Massachusetts.

Says You!, according to the show’s official website, is …

…a simple game with words played by two teams in front of live, enthusiastic audiences from coast to coast.  For two decades, we’ve offered our listeners the best quips, quotes and questions that public radio has to offer, all scored to the rhythms of our musical guest performers.

One of the segments of Says You! is similar to the game you might know as Dictionary or Balderdash — that is, people try to choose the right definition of a word among phony-baloney, made-up definitions. Yesterday, one of those words was apricity. 

I’m not going to make up phony definitions for apricity in this post…

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Woah, slow down.

Ordinary Adventures

I wish this was a January goals/new years resolutions post. But it’s not. I don’t know what this is. It just came out.


I recently have “returned” from my first, real blogging break. I posted about my little adventures I took over my holiday and acted as if I was back. But to be honest with you guys, I don’t know if I am.

Bigger things than “what DIY will I post about today”, or “what dreamy to-do list will I share”, has come up in my life. Nothing actually big has happened, I’m okay and all! And maybe it’s just the new year freshness, or the huge possibilities that 2016 already has in store; but I’m restless and already neck deep in stress/excitement. My mind is so cluttered and nervous that I cannot possibly fathom creating a makeup tutorial or other.

Work, possible promotions, grad school starting, errands, body modifications, cleaning…

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Journals 10.1 – Loiterings in Europe by John Corson (Part 1)

Windows into History

Monet The Seine near Giverny in Normandy, as painted by Claude Monet (1897)

In 1848 Loiterings in Europe was published by Harper & Brothers, New York. Subtitled Sketches of Travel in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Prussia, Great Britain, and Ireland, it was written by John W. Corson, MD. It is a magnificent travel journal, and I will explain why: I would estimate that 99% of journals from around this time are little more than emotionless descriptions of landmarks. It is a rarity to find an author who really engaged with the experience of travel and wrote with some depth of feeling, and Corson was one such author. This was Corson’s only book, and that is a great shame.

I always like to provide a little bit of background about journal authors, but this one was a hard nut to crack. Shock, horror, he has no Wikipedia page (that’s a…

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Lazy Sundays: My top 10 favourite Television series

Wanderlust: Becoming a Traveler

We all have them. …Lazy Sundays. Sundays where you just want to stay in bed recovering from a busy week. And on Sundays, that one day a week (especially in winter), it’s more than okay to stay in bed and netflixing with snacks without feeling bad for doing so – at least in my opinion.

Lazy Sunday

…Yes, today is one of those days for me – it’s been such a busy week as a result of my recent relocation to Amsterdam, Holland. As such, I’m all cuddled up with a hot cup of tea and some nuts watching Friends – because that Television series just never gets old! And that’s normally what I do on lazy Sundays: Stay in watching my favourite Television series. I thought I might share my favourite series with you:

  1. Friends
  1. Big Bang Theory
  1. Modern Family
  1. New Girl
  1. How I Met Your Mother
  1. Game of Thrones

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