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Somehow the shoes – not the clothes – were what did for me. Two crammed bin liners in, and I abruptly threw the second one down and walked out of the room. (It needs doing. It needs doing.) All the dresses I’d had made for me by my tailor in the 90s and noughties, those went some time ago. I didn’t feel much more than a fleeting sadness for them. I’m older now. I wear different clothes. I couldn’t get into them anyway. That is the order of things as one gets older.

But the shoes, those are different. I could get into all of them. But I couldn’t walk in any of them, not five steps. And what would I wear them to? I don’t leave the house.

Dozens of spike heels. These ones I bought for a bash…

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Christmas Vacation is Over

Dinata Misovec

We walked the water to watch the sunrise at seven.  The wind was calm and the surface of the water smooth.  There were hundreds of birds out on the flats and flying just above the water.

b01 Sunrise Sunrise

b02 Gold Water Gold Water

b03 Birds in Sun Streak Birds in Sun Streak

Then it was back to work.  I sent the current version of “Big Creek” to Patricia, the editor, yesterday. I spent today updating my Big Creek blog.  I was not able to do it while we were in Big Creek because I didn’t have an internet connection without a cell signal. Actually, I only posted my original logs for 2015.  The other years have only the photos.  That seems adequate to me. See Big Creek.

The activity tracker is great for working.  I get so involved in it that I forget to get up and take a break.  The tracker buzzes my wrist periodically and tells…

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#JusJoJan I’m dreaming


200 Follows!

Never thought this day would ever come. Thank you to everyone who is following my humble blog. I only ever post thoughts which may be regretted a day later, but post and be damned right?

Thank you thank you thank you my dear friends, old and new, when I started this blog I was trying to come to terms with my illness and decided that I would blog regularly. That didn’t happen, then I decided to post something new every week. That also didn’t happen, when I failed in both of these attempts I decided that if 50 people followed me then I would continue. That came within the first year. My goal then was to repost anything which moved me, entertained me or struck a chord with me. I also feel compelled to speak out against anyone who threatens, bullies, or poses a threat to anyone.

I am not…

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