A Messiah Whom no one Loves !

Shake Your Conscience !


A MESSIAH Whom No One Loves!


The United States may feel it rightful to claim to be the benefactor and the leader of the world as an upholder of all her illusionary ideals of equality, peace, freedom, justice, as well as a champion of human rights. No doubt, for many people she is the Great Provider of their daily bread, giving food, money, and arms to scores of nations and assisting them in the implementation of their development plans in the name of Foreign Aid. But is it all just for the sake of charity? Out of human compassion for the suffering and starving nations? If it had been so, the whole world would have been worshipping the Great America, or at least would have been sincerely grateful to her. Masses all over the world should have been deeply in love with their “Messiah”.  But is it really what…

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Connecting the Dots


“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” Quote Steve Jobs

Looking at how this is the first post of 2016, a beginning of a new year, I shall connect the dots by featuring 12 of the past posts here that you may or may not have read.

Leave a comment here to let me know which are the most useful to you or your most favourite ones!

Social Media: Friend or Foe

This is my second piece post in MiddleMe. Despite just starting out, I was humbled that it got picked up by an app and featured it to its 5 million readers, giving me the belief that I might be on to something good.

Time Not Enough

This post is one of the first few posts that started…

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Just know…….

The Journey of My Left Foot (whilst remembering my son)


Sunday 3rd January

“Just know that wherever you are,
I miss you
and I wish you were here.”

I miss you my Angel,
My darling, my son.
Starting a year without you,
Will be a difficult one.

I just want you to know,
Wherever you might be,
Your soul is in my heart,
Safely held within me.

Staying with me forever,
With thirty years of joy,
All those memories,
Of you, my beloved boy.

Wish you could be with us
Today, right here, right now.
Just what I wouldn’t do
To see you again, somehow.

Just know, that I am here,
My hand placed on my heart,
Just know that you are there,
And we will never be apart.

Love you my Angel,
Thinking of you always.
Missing you so much,
I will do all my days.




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Look back. Smile back.

Making memories

new year

Another Christmas slipped away.  The last week of the year is that nebulous time we are not sure about –  either we want it to last longer, or jump straight into the New Year.  Some people spend this time frantically trying to tie up loose ends; some are adding fresh illusions to their New Year’s resolution lists; some just enjoy these unstructured, lazy days.

It is not uncommon for people to look back at the year that was.

Did anything extraordinary happen to you in 2015? The most extraordinary thing I can think about is that I have seen the Blood Moon twice  – first in April in the USA, and then in September in Ireland.

moon usa

moon eire

My daughter and her family have been  a source of joy,  as always. My friends were always there for me too.  I cannot recall any major disappointment that would take me by surprise.  The older I get the less surprised I…

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Spread love not hate

The year of love and pain

The lost lives may you not be forgotten 

You showed us the good and bad

That human often forget

I grew to be wiser 

forever indebted to time

I hope for a better world 

I hope to be better

Lets bid our farewell to 2015

for you served us well

A constant remainder 

how miniscule we are compared to you

We can never outrun your age

But we shall welcome 2016 with open arms

And we shall make it great! 

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