Happy New Year!

Polished by Amy

Hi loves!

Can you believe it’s 2016??!! I am so grateful for all of the amazing things that happened for me over this past year and I cannot wait to see what’s waiting this year! I wanted to share a quick list of some personal and professional goals I have. Hopefully sharing them with everyone will make me stick to them, haha!

Establish a consistent upload schedule for my blog..

As I’ve said before, I am sticking to my Monday, Wednesday, and Friday upload schedule but I aim to nail down a time as well. This will make sure I never miss a post and you guys know when to expect new content. I believe 2pm EST will be best for me!

Finish my transition to a completely vegetarian diet..

This has been a personal goal of mine for a while now. I’ve done well in the past, but never…

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