Truth Stranger than Fiction: Making a Murderer is a Must-See for all Humans

Micki Allen

Always fascinated by true-crime documentaries, I was not surprised to see Making a Murderer pop up on my Netflix list of suggested films even though I’d never heard anything about it. What I was surprised by was how truly engaging and provocative the feature is. It suggests that a lot of the true crimes being committed in our justice system are being perpetrated by the wrong side of the law … the ones who’re supposed to be upholding the law and enforcing justice are the real culprits.


At first, I thought it was going to be your standard two-hour documentary. After only one hour of watching, I was a bundle of nerves — so invested in the plight of the subject, Steven Avery, and so upset by where the filmmakers were obviously going with his story, that I had to Google the show to make sure that it was real.

By no means was I going to…

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