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I’m excited for 2016! I’m sure all of us are. I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s  a brand New Year, it’s 2016! It’s a fresh start for almost everything. If there are things we’re not happy about in our lives and want to change it, now’s the best time to do it and start to work on it and excecute those ideas and stop procrastinating. May it be a new job hunting, pursuing a new hobby, finally starting those new projects we have in our minds for quite sometime but doesn’t know when or how to begin, finally getting fit not for the purpose of getting attention but for the sake of being fit and healthy, then now is a very good time to start. And as for me: new travels.

And speaking of new travels, i don’t have definite plans yet but i know i’d like to travel as much as i…

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Day 1100: Accidents

The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

It’s no accident that I’m starting off today’s post with some free associations about “Accidents,” as follows:

  1. I’ve had several car accidents in my long life.
  2. None of these accidents have seriously hurt me or anybody else.
  3. Every time I have an accident, I feel shame.
  4. Accidents happen.
  5. In case any of my readers are accidentally thinking I’ve recently had a car accident, I have not.
  6. It’s no accident that I start off many of my posts with free associations because I’m a psychotherapist, and psychotherapists often find accidental free associations very meaningful.
  7. Because of my own perfectionism (which is probably no accident),  I can judge myself harshly even for the smallest of accidents.
  8. Some people believe there are no accidents, and that everything happens for a reason.
  9. I thought of “Accidents”for  the title of today’s post because one of the photos I took yesterday was an accident.

It’s no…

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Haddon Musings


                                   Revealing the beauty and truth of life through the eyes of our elders.

Welcome to the Senior Salon. I invite you to link your blog to mine today and to reveal your artistic creations in any field: fiction writing, nonfiction, poetry, photography, painting, pottery, cooking.

After linking to this blog, in the true spirit of a salon, please take the time to read someone else’s blog and comment and offer encouragement on their artistic endeavors.

We have walked our paths a long time and have a lot to offer. Come and reveal your artistic vision.

Below you will find the button to link your blog. Just tap on this button today up until midnight to link your blog. After tapping you will be led to a page with a few things to…

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I Hear You Loud And Clear!

Through Open Lens

Ruddy Duck

F/ 9.0, 1/320, ISO 250.

Ruddy Duck

Duck Week Continues!

A duck walks into a bar, sits down at the barstool, and waits for the bartender. The bartender walks up, hands the duck a menu, waits a while, and comes back to take his order. “What’ll it be?” the bartender says.

The duck says, “I think I’ll have the grapes.”

“Well, I’m sorry sir, but this is a bar, we don’t serve grapes here. Now, I’ll let you look a bit longer and wave when you know what you want.”

The duck looks at the menu, then waves the bartender down.

“Ok, you got your order?” The duck nods, saying, “I’ll think I’ll have the grapes.”

The bartender, kind of peeved from the duck, says, “Look Mac, we don’t have any grapes here. This is a bar. We don’t serve grapes, so what will you have?!”

The duck looks at him…

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Why have 2,500 New York subway cars been dumped in the sea?

At first sight it looks like a waste of money, a major act of pollution and a criminal act – but these New York subway cars being dumped into the sea are actually helping the environment. These truly remarkable photos detail just a small number of over 2,500 old subway cars from the Big Apple that have been used to create artificial underwater reefs on America’s Atlantic coast. Photographer Stephen Mallon of the Front Room Gallery snapped the images over a period of three years, and the photos are now are being shown in an exhibition in New York.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) of New York has been running this project for over 10 years, and ensures that on being decommissioned, the cars are cleaned, and every part which can be removed (seats, straps, windows, doors, wheels) are either recycled or sold. They are then loaded onto barges and dumped into sea to form artificial reefs. Click read more for some truly fantastic photographs…


An estimated 95 per-cent of the seabed off the US eastern seaboard is bare sand, a relatively inhospitable home for fish and crustaceans. But reefs provide protection from predators and so are attractive to fish, which inturns help build an eco-system with mussels, shrimps and crabs and eventually marlin and dolphins. And in addition to the envoronmental benefits, US corals are estimated to boost the economy by $200 million (£131 million) per year. The depositing of man-made structures to become artifical reefs is not uncommon, with tanks, armoured personnel carriers, oil rigs and even an aircraft carrier, the USS Oriskany being used.


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