Grand Ole Opry Night

Dinata Misovec

Well, I said I would post a video of me singing Coal Miner’s Daughter at the Grand Ole Opry night.  The video didn’t turn out so well; my neighbor couldn’t get too close and she was partly behind a post.  There were people seated around her talking and other walked in front of the “stage”. Then, for some reason, a person stood in front of her and she stopped the video, to resume it a few lines later.  But, that is another file.  The sound quality is not very good either.  I thought my tablet would do better than that, or maybe it was the sound system. It is a bit embarrassing, but I did get some rousing applause and a number of people came up to compliment me after the show.

It looks as though my blonde bangs were sticking out from under the wig.  I thought I looked…

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