Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette (Full Face) GRWM


Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette (Full Face) GRWMToo-Faced-Chocolate-Bar-Palette-review-tutorialToo-Faced-Chocolate-Bar-Palette-review-tutorial

You know the feeling when you get a brand new product and you just can’t wait to rip it open and splash it all over your face? I felt like that with the ever so popular Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette but I waited until the video to use it, so I was quite excited.

The Chocolate Bar experience begins as soon as you open the palette and the smell of sweet chocolate envelops you. The shadows actually contain pure cocoa powder which gives them the real chocolate smell. Not forgetting that all of the shades have chocolate related names like Triple Fudge and Salted Caramel. It’s so unique to any eyeshadow palette I’ve had before but for all of the right reasons.

I created this extremely glamorous, champagne inspired makeup look. I hope you enjoy this get ready with me style video.

Have you used this palette? What do you…

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