The Raven's Nest

Collages1vS IN GRACE Out of grace it feels like there no end to the fall.

Hellion prayers tell me how to find peace in the darkest corners of the underground world where I don’t see or hear the mindless mouths. These faces with no eyes, no questions, their mouths moving with anger, spiting, drooling, army dogs at the eve of the carnage.

I am standing, I won’t back down but I won’t move either hoping for my backbone withstand the pounding, suspended above the abyss of Hades.

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Day 1106: Jaw Dropping Rare Photos of Amazing Things in Real Life

The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

The jaw dropping rare title of this post mimics “click-bait” language I saw yesterday, online. For me, language like that might invite a click in real life, but here’s the amazing thing: I immediately forget about it.

Let’s see if all the photos I took yesterday are “jaw dropping rare photos of amazing things in real life.”


Which of those best fits today’s title, for you?

Jaw dropping gratitude for everything I experienced yesterday and for another day of amazing real life, here and now.

Here’s one more photo I’m adding now, from the internet, in honor of a jaw dropping rare amazing person from real life:

DAVID BOWIE AT THE CANNES FILM FESTIVAL - 1983 Mandatory Credit: Photo by Richard Young/REX (100574d) David Bowie DAVID BOWIE AT THE CANNES FILM FESTIVAL – 1983

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Thoughts: The headlines of our inner newspaper

Words dipped in Happiness

Our morning thoughts are like the head lines of the inner news paper, circulated in our body, to set up the perfect mood for the smooth running of the day. Keep them positive and inspiring.

Yes, there is a news paper in our body which is circulated by our nerves to the whole body. The information published and circulated by that news paper is our thoughts. The writers of those important articles are our neurons. Thoughts once generated are circulated by the nerves throughout our body. Even though generating thoughts which will create a change is difficult, keep thinking. Thinking is the hardest part so only few engage in it. Don’t over stress though.


Image source: Simple Life Strategy

Thoughts, they rule our day. They are like the match sticks required to lit up our passion filled candles. We are occupied with what we think. We become what we keep…

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Aitzaz Hasan-These sons are not for sale!


Aitzaz Hasan, -the boy who lived!

“My son made his mother cry, but saved hundreds of mothers from crying for their children”- Mujahid Ali, father of Aitzaz Hassan.

Yesterday, I was watching a bomb prank video, featuring an Arab man throwing bombs at people. Its was kinda funny though. People were running for their lives. Which is quite right, I mean most people would do the same under the given circumstances unless they are people with their shades on, and a big camera and a stunt double and a safety team and a director!

I ask you a very simple question, What would you do, if you see a suicide bomber at a public place, lets say a school. You might think that confronting him ‘d be heroic but trust me at that kind of point, things appear a bit upside down. I know there are many brave people that ‘d confront him maybe…

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How to be Happy!


I wanted to write something. Its 2:00 am and everybody’s asleep except a dog who’s having a barking competition with the neighbor’s dog. He seems pretty happy just by the intensity of his barks or maybe he’s winning it. The reason i’m still awake as I’ve told earlier is that i wanted to write something. It makes me happy. This diary unlike other diaries keeps my secrets safe. I’ve trained it this way in case you are wondering. hey wait! what this article is about? happiness, yes happiness =)

What is this thing called ‘happiness’ and why people become sad if they can’t find it? To be happy you don’t need happiness but in the mentioned phrase ‘to be happy’ before you rush to ‘happy’ you first got ‘To be’.

We as human being always want to find happiness and in case we don’t find it, it makes us sad…

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July 1943

Pacific Paratrooper


1. Kolombangara Island where Capt. Cecil and others were rescued July 7, 1943
2. Kula Gulf were the CL 50 was sunk July 6, 1943
3. Vella Lavella were 165 officers and men were stranded be be rescued July 16, 1943
4. Ranongga Island were the remains of General Preston Douglas S1c USS Helena CL 50 were found in 2006.
5. Blackett Stright were John F. Kennedy’s PT 109 was sunk August 2, 1943.
6. Randova Island PT 109’s base.

The information and map above provided by Shipmate Charlie McClellend, USS Helena CL-50.

For the landing on New Georgia, Admiral Turner’s attack force (Task Force 31) consisted of ships and landing craft from the South Pacific or III Amphibious Force (Task Force 32), plus the ground troops. These troops, designated the New Georgia Occupation Force, initially included the following units:

43rd Division
9th Marine Defense Battalion
1st Marine Raider Regiment (less…

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