What Is True?

DoubleU = W

what is true?

I ask myself that question

as if I could ever answer it

me –

just a man

a small man

limited mind

short memory

just me –

a man

that’s all


yet I ask again


I don’t know the


likely never will

there are half truths




but what is true

and what has ever been



oh, quote facts

that we can do

if we know them

but true

real true-ness

if there is such a thing


I’m not capable of that


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You’re Beautiful (A Short Story of Love)

The Lonely Author

He dropped to one knee to slip off her sandals and smiled.

She surprised him with new beige sandals by Michael Kors. The French manicured toe nails informed him she had a fresh pedicure as well.

All just for him. He made a mental note to drop two hundred on her dresser.

Unhooking the straps of her sandals, he gave her delicate feet a loving squeeze as he slipped them off.

He set the shower to her favorite temperature. As the warm water soaked their bodies, he reached for her shampoo. His strong fingers washed her silky hair. Her work day stress flowed down the drain with the white suds.

Minutes later, she slipped into a comfy white gown and pouted, “I have to cook.”

He took her hand, kissed it, and led her to their bed. “Beautiful, take a nap. I will cook tonight.”

His finger on her lips…

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The Types of People That You Will Meet at Disney World

The Pixie Dusted Disney Freak

Hello, Disney lovers! There are many types of people that you will meet at Walt Disney World. You will no doubt meet at least one of these people on every Disney trip! Here are a few types of people you will meet at Walt Disney World:

•The Rude Type: There are always a few rude guests at the parks, and it will drive you crazy! They will tell you to be quiet, tell you to take your Mickey ears off since it is in their way, tell you that your kid is annoying them, to move since you are in their way, etc. They just want to make you scream “SHUT UP” in their face, but we know if we did that, now we would be rude. I personally haven’t met a lot of rude people, except the two times I was asked to take my ears off.

•The Flash…

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