By the Mighty Mumford


A sonnet’s fourteen lines,

Presumably best use of times…



That masterpiece of great lines.

Would the fact of its rhyming couplets

Be analogy of two cups that

Pour together

In all-weather,

Are stacked together in sublet?

This poet once made the snipe,

That time was short when love is ripe…

Those fourteen lines

Took too much time,

Whereas I can  type fifteen lines flat!

–Jonathan Caswell

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September 1943 (1)

Pacific Paratrooper

Minami-Torishima, Marcus Island Minami-Torishima, Marcus Island

1 September – the Japanese positions on Marcus Island in the mid-Pacific received an early morning attack from US Navy dive-bombers.  The records report that 85% of the enemy’s military installations were destroyed, 2 airstrip severly damaged and 7 aircraft destroyed on the ground.  The US lost 2 fighters and one torpedo-bomber.

This is actually Nov. 24, 1950, but gives you an idea of Mac's bird's-eye view. This is actually Nov. 24, 1950, but gives you an idea of Mac’s bird’s-eye view.

4-5 September – a part of the 9th Australian Division (veterans of the El Alannein W.Desert Campaign, ETO), and the 41st US Army Division landed just miles from Lae, in the Huon Peninsula, New Guinea.  The next day, MacArthur watched from his B-17 “Bataan” as the 503rd Parachute Regiment (Not yet a part of the 11th A/B Div.), dropped over Nadzab to take the airstrip.

The envelopment of the Huon Peninsula. The envelopment of the Huon Peninsula.

12-16 September – The Australian 3rd Division and 17th…

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The Dragon Bleeds

Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

Money is fleeing China. That’s hardly news, since it’s been happening for well over a year now. More accurately, money is now seriously fleeing China – at a rate which shows how little confidence anyone has in the dragon. The mythical creature apparently is made from a wall of paper, but it bleeds like any other economic animal – green, not red.

While the throes of this beast are roiling stock markets all around the world the truth of the matter is that money leaving China has to go somewhere – and “somewhere” is going to be primarily in the US. The situation is much more like Japan circa 1990 than nearly anyone has admitted yet. Where the growing Shia-Sunni war in the Middle East is going to be the policy story of this year, the inflow of Chinese money is already shaping up to be the economic story…

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8 Steps to Digital Productivity 


Today, I’m going to talk about how to improve your productivity in your laptop or computer. This is more like how not to kill your computer and allow you to do your work smoothly without much of a hitch. Don’t worry about me going all technical, I won’t because like you, I get frustrated and start pulling out my hair when my laptop goes blue screen of death. Yes, I have killed enough laptops in my career. Enough to warrant my IT team to remember my name and go “Oh, did you killed another one?” Okay, tech jokes aside, let’s start the ball rolling.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 11.25.57 pmClean up your desktop 
Like your house, it’s never a good idea to have a cluttered desktop. I know for sure because my desktops are always cluttered with photos here, Word docs there, throw in a few excels here and maybe one or two keynotes. Try…

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