Day 1110: Life as a work of art

The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

If somebody asked you to write, draw, or otherwise express your thoughts, feelings, and associations about “Life as a work of art,” what work of art might you create?

Last night, in a therapy group — after we discussed many topics including life, death, school, work, parents, what other people think, music, painting, injury, healing, routines, miracles, safety, self-care, imperfection, immortality, wishes, Alan Rickman, and David Bowie — I asked people to do just that.

Now, I shall attempt to turn my thoughts, feeling, associations, and other aspects of my life into a blogging work of art.Here are some artless and artful photos I took at work, yesterday:

How do you judge or create works of art?

Yes, thou art being asked to work your responses into a comment, bringing more life and art into this post.

Lifetime-work-in-progress thanks to all who helped me create today’s work of art…

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I need some space…

Inspired Visions

So far we have been laying some serious groundwork for a prosperous and healthy New Year. Today, we want to continue the trend of building a firm foundation of habits and success principles.

One thing that will help you start, maintain, and achieve your New Year Resolutions is that you have a Sacred Space. This is an important concept in Life Coaching. So, I felt it necessary to pass this on to you so you can get the power of this extraordinary habit.

Everyone needs a space to recharge, focus, regroup, and plan. A Sacred Space gives you that and more. What is a Sacred Space, you ask? It is a space that you can center yourself. This space can be a room, an area in nature, the gym…anywhere that you can go (physically or mentally) that allows you to positively impact your life is a Sacred Space.

In the…

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UNTOLD DIARIES #2 ( Love Or Lust, Heart or Body, Which One Are You Falling For ? )

Untold Diaries


13 November 2015

Today I was going through my Instagram account, when I came across a post which read…


” Hello mum

First off, I’m sorry for not being a daughter you always wanted me to be. See I’m sorry for all the troubles I caused you. but I am..umm..eloping. With Mark. When you shouted at me last night , about how ashamed you were of me for switching boyfriends like a cheap slut, I realized that you were right. I am not a daughter any mom would have wanted. But you were wrong about Mark. I’ve known him for only a week, but he’s an absolute gem. Maybe I will never contact you again, stay healthy and happy, knowing that I am out of your life. And I will prove that you should never doubt my decisions.

Love Katie ;

The note that was now in her family’s…

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