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Soulful Sunday – 1/2016

Real Bold Truth

Hi RLRT readers! I got an unction this week to start a Sunday theme! Not sure yet how often I will do it (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly) but I’m starting now!
I’ll call it “Soulful Sunday”. Not original but it’s what first came to mind! Ha!

Well this first is about the importance of feeding our souls. Each human is made up of a Body, Mind, and Spirit/Soul.

We typically don’t think twice about feeding our natural bodies food and drink daily. It’s a natural reaction and essential to live. A lot of us even overdo this “Feeding” thing in this area! (Both my hands up while SMH!)

It takes a bit more effort to feed our minds continuously. Our intellect requires nourishment by way of education and reading to obtain earthly knowledge. Some are obsessed with this while others get just enough to be aware of basic life necessities. Never-the-less…

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Bernie Sanders Gaining In Iowa

Living Simply And Still On The Grid

“I have been in Iowa for nine months now, and everywhere I go I see signs that Bernie is going to win. I see Bernie buttons on cashiers in checkout lines, and anytime I have Bernie gear on people compliment it.

When I cover various political events, a lot of the crowd is usually undecided or checking out the candidate. Not at Bernie events, where the crowds are excited and committed to the Bern.”

Reported by a clearly biased observer in Iowa. His view tends to support news reported in the MSM. From a post by Scott Galindez. Read his full post here.

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The Journey of My Left Foot (whilst remembering my son)


Sunday 17th January

Your brother is in southern Spain with his girlfriend right now, staying in her grandmother’s house on the coast.
I had packaged up and sent out a skateboard to him and they sent this photo to answer my question about whether the parcel had arrived safely.


Hmmmm, twenty eight years old and still skateboarding.
Oh well.

I think we gave you both your first skateboards for Christmas in 1990, when we were living in Australia.
You were five and your brother was three years old.
You weren’t too sure of this mode of transport, but your brother developed quite a flair for it.


When we returned home to England two years later, the skateboards came too.
You used to like sitting on top, rolling down the garden path, sometimes crashing into the back door.



Such fun you had.
Grinning and laughing.
Again and again.
Up and down…

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#JusJoJan 14 January 2016 part 2


Listening to David Bowie always makes me feel better, even though he’s not here anymore. Like Under Pressure asks, can’t we give love another try. Now the celestial group has a new addition they must be reeling and rocking all the time up there. David joins those who went before, Buddy, John (all three), Freddie, Elvis, George and Roy. Some supergroup don’t you think?

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