Do we all have a ‘Mind Palace’ like Sherlock Holmes?

Dearest Someone,

Sherlock, as in Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock, has an extraordinary talent… which we all have? When Sherlock needs to figure something out or return back to stock memory (to track down any subtle hints of clues to resolve a situation) he goes into what is referred to as his Mind Palace. 

Basically, he lays everything out in a kind of map in his mind, where everything is stored, and he can revisit  it whenever he likes – it’s kind of like when you go into your own mind and try and visualise every room and every tiny detail of a specific building – you’re not trying to memorize something, you’re trying to remember/recall something.


I guess what really struck me when thinking real hard about this whole ‘mind palace’ notion is the feasibility to return to a particular memory and simply delete it… which (spoiler alert) is what Sherlock does in…

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