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The more I listen to his words the more I think they make sense – and they go along with beautiful music!

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How Much Do Regulations Cost?

The Arts Mechanical

I walked into the kitchen and MSNBC was on with Al Sharpton lambasting Republicans for talking about light bulb and ceiling fan regulations. Apparently the EPA is chasing after ceiling fans and some Republican Congress people are enacting legislation to stop the EPA, something that champion of the African American “Community,” the community that has problems finding jobs, has issues with that, or any other restrictions of government.

Knowing what I know about that POS Sharpton, with his long history of burnings, riots, people destroying and general rabble rousing, I doubt he has had any personal experience with complying with regulations. After all he doesn’t even comply with the tax regulations and pay his taxes.

As an engineer, having worked in several regulated  industries, I do know something about regulatory compliance.   In fact I’ve spent a significant amount of time dealing with regulatory compliance first hand.  It’s a huge pain in the butt. …

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Chew on This…

Inspired Visions

You know what?  Your Mind Matters. If you don’t think it does, I got two words for you: Think again. That’s right. Think again, my friend.

There is no way around it. There are millions of people the hurtful situations. They simply don’t believe that their mind matters. They go through life starving their minds of anything worthwhile to help them get from point A to point B.

Think of it this way, your mind is eating and digesting ideas all the time. However, the ideas that you have, depend on what you have fed your mind in the past and present.

Some people do not have an appetite when it comes to learning. However, learning is the key ingredient to better performance in anything. So with that said, there is one statement that must be made: You must continue to feed your mind according to the goals you want…

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Religion, politics, and Charlie Sheen

Johns Hopkins University Press Blog

By Kathryn Marguy

Of all the celebratory hullabaloo surrounding the release of Adele’s latest album, my favorite has to be Saturday Night Live’s “A Thanksgiving Miracle” sketch. The scene opens with a family gathered around the table for Thanksgiving. As they pass around the sweet potato casserole, various members of the family start bleating close-minded, occasionally racist commentary about current events. As tensions rise, a young girl, the smallest guest at the table, slowly rises and walks to the nearby stereo to blast Adele’s single, “Hello.” The adults immediately abandon their griping and sing along in synchrony. In typical SNL fashion, the scene unravels into absurdity, and it is glorious and I love it.

But (also in typical SNL fashion) the sketch raises an issue that is all too real: how is one to cope with the strong, often incorrect commentary of those you’re spending Thanksgiving with? Without Adele’s sultry…

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