How Much Do Regulations Cost?

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I walked into the kitchen and MSNBC was on with Al Sharpton lambasting Republicans for talking about light bulb and ceiling fan regulations. Apparently the EPA is chasing after ceiling fans and some Republican Congress people are enacting legislation to stop the EPA, something that champion of the African American “Community,” the community that has problems finding jobs, has issues with that, or any other restrictions of government.

Knowing what I know about that POS Sharpton, with his long history of burnings, riots, people destroying and general rabble rousing, I doubt he has had any personal experience with complying with regulations. After all he doesn’t even comply with the tax regulations and pay his taxes.

As an engineer, having worked in several regulated  industries, I do know something about regulatory compliance.   In fact I’ve spent a significant amount of time dealing with regulatory compliance first hand.  It’s a huge pain in the butt. …

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