I had a wonderful dinner with Cindy at Ushuaia steakhouse. Intelligent, successful, and graceful, she is one of a few I envy.

The only problem is that she comes as cold, at least some times. I have long been wondering why we did not click. Her new information gave a hint. When our LA gang of eight hanged out in 2008-2009, she and Rae were friends. One day Rae told her if she did not intend to approach me, she will.

Rae is an outgoing girl, the type that I can easily connect with. But Rae and I have never had intimate relationship. To me, Rae is a good buddy. But others don’t see that way. Cindy, even her mom, thought Rae and I were couple.

So Cindy remained distant till Rae went back in 2010. Afterwards, it became even more awkward to hang out with her. We see each…

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