A Note About My Blog

The Tony Burgess Blog

a9d56-12144234_924065451006890_590919725_nMy blog unlike my Facebook timeline is where I tend to be more open and authentic. Unfortunately you have to censor yourself on Facebook because some followers there don’t always agree with you on politics, religion, sports, etc.

Here I do reserve the right to express myself, less filtered. I will share more here than I will there. Even though we won’t agree 100% on everything we will have more in common and be respectful of each other’s differences.

Bloggers tend to be more thoughtful, caring and passionate. We also work on making the world a better place, although we do it from different perspectives. It’s OK to disagree but it seems that we tend to have productive dialogue and conversations in the blogosphere.

I salute each of you for being who you are and how you were made. You are an original and you share the best and worst…

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