DoubleU = W

out here it sure looks different now

people, all kinds of people

walking, looking, touching things

some smiling and some not

some have a limp and some don’t

some push their shopping carts easily

others are leaning, relying on theirs


where did we all come from

at one time we were all back at home

safe in the womb of childhood

what terrible fortune befell us

it’s not just aging, getting older

it’s life and the way it sucks at

us, takes from us, gives us ulcers


life can be wonderful

or it can be a cruel bastard


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Lonely Author: More Top Ten Marriage Courses For Men (If You Want A Happy Marriage)

The Lonely Author

Staying with the love theme, Lonely Author wants to share a little of his Cupidities.

Due to the overwhelming enrollment for the Fall Marriage classes, there have been some new courses added to the Spring semester. Ladies here is your chance to mold your future or current groom to your liking.

In case you missed it, here is the link to the original courses:

More Top Ten Spring Courses For Men
If you Want A Happy Marriage

It Doesn’t Throw Itself Out
Slideshow and discussion

Yes, it can be done.
Cerebral Shock Therapy Sessions, Full Lobotomies, & Male Chastity Belts offered.

The Stove/Oven
What It Is and How It Is Used.
Live Demonstration

Toe Nail Clippings
Where they go and where they don’t
Open Forum

Overcoming Your Fears
Baby’s Diaper: They Don’t Change Themselves
Step by Step Slide Presentation

The modern technology behind the Washer &…

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503rd PIR, Nadzab, New Guinea

Pacific Paratrooper

503rd PIR patch 503rd PIR patch

Many members of MacArthur’s staff were not enthusiastic about the plan. Allied resources were thin, and Japanese air and ground strength was formidable. Many military planners were skeptical of airborne operations. Some questioned the viability of the entire concept. German paratroops had suffered unsustainable casualties assaulting Crete in May, 1941. Allied airborne operations had met with disaster invading Sicily in July, 1943. Experience argued against establishing additional airborne units. Nevertheless, Kenney was convinced that with proper planning and support his plan would succeed. Fifth Air Force firepower was committed to provide close air support, and the troopers would be dropped in one lift to achieve mass and surprise. 

This was the first combat jump for the 503rd PIR.

The U.S. 503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR) was tasked to jump on Nadzab, New Guinea, to seize, clear and defend the airstrip. The 503rd PIR was one the first…

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The media is making news, not reporting it

Pertinent Problems

Labour’s cabinet reshuffle has been dominating the news for the past few days. What really ended up becoming an underwhelming restructuring of the party was portrayed as a watershed moment for it. While this really wasn’t the case, it seems that the media has tried its best to make it one (more on that later).

What’s the problem with media scrutinising this, you might ask? Well, by spending their time prying into internal party politics, they are losing sight of far more pressing problems. At a time when parts of the UK are suffering from flooding and losing billions of pounds in damage it seems that the media is endeavouring to create news rather than deciding to report it.

In fact, when Jeremy Corbyn attempted to query if more could have been done to react faster to the floods, this was the response that he got:

Not only was he…

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