Tahoe Boys Weekend: T-Minus 8 Days

The Lemonade Chronicles

The last trip broke my arse, so what might the next bring? Anything short of befriending a Truckee-based bail bondsman is likely acceptable.

The boys are back in town. Well, not exactly back in town yet. Eight more earthly rotations with respect to the sun. Then the boys are back in town.

And that’s a good thing.

It’s an annual tradition, more or less. Winnowed down from big, multi-family trips 15 or so years ago. Now distilled down to a thinly-attended cage match, for the most part. Three of my closest college friends and I come together for a long weekend throwdown in Tahoe.

Originally, as I say, the tradition also involved our wives, and shortly thereafter, our own toddlers. Those early years contributed to the Ski Trip Lore, for sure. Ever come nose to cabbie ID card with a taxi driver who legally changed his name to “Succesful…

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The meme and the monad


Steve Morris recently posted a curious piece on the “meme.”   Evolutionary biologist, Richard Dawkins, coined the term in The Selfish Gene (1976). Predating the Internet, Dawkins’s interest was in how memes – units of cultural transmission – emulate evolution, with successful ones proliferating and duds dying out. Steve points out the irony that in today’s social media, it’s the most “unfit” memes – those that promote ignorance and bigotry – that seem to survive and proliferate. To enhance the scope of the entertainment, I’d like to weave in an additional discourse – Leibniz’s philosophy of the monad.

leibniz keks
h/t: Dank an meine leibe Freundin, Claudia, für den Bild von Leibniz’s Hanover

As a 17th-century German philosopher, Leibniz predated evolutionary biology as well as the Internet, but his speculative philosophy (the metaphysics of the monad) was grounded in his street cred as a mathematician and physicist, and perhaps for…

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How to Spring Clean in Winter in 7 Ways

How To Get Things Done in 10 Ways

I’m a clean freak.

I love organizing stuff, and it really makes me weirdly happy. Like super weirdly happy. I know I already wrote about How to Purge Your Closet, but this project I had been waiting to take on, was such a much larger beast.

The boyfriend and I have not been home on a weekend in 6 weeks, and with the hustle and bustle of Christmas and New Years, we’ve accumulated a lot of stuff and have just shoved it in closets until we’re ready to tackle it. I also have my room and then a spare bedroom that has no furniture in it. It’s seriously just an empty room. I haven’t been able to afford any kind of furniture and figure, it’s not my room, so might as well just keep it empty! But my closet has overflowed to that empty closet, which has overflowed to…

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My Happy Reel. What’s Yours?


Today, I want to talk about my happy reel – my memory reel of happy days. It’s a rotating wheel of memories, a revolving collection of the happiest moments of my life, one after another, one by one. Now, I want to talk about cheek-hurting moments – when you smile so much that your cheeks hurt. Happiness is defined in those moments. In those moments, it’s not just your cheeks which feel it. Your heart smiles too. I live for moments like that.

And that’s what my happy reel is comprised of – memory after memory of cheek-hurting moments. The past few years have been the happiest of my life. So, my happy reel started with the day I met him, on that warm, July evening, and has continued –

to that night in New York (our third date), when he stopped me in the middle of the street…

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Karl's Blog


Awaken your idle thoughts

Cultivating them into inspiration

letting go and giving in

Showing others your inner peace

“The moment you start watching the thinker, a higher level of consciousness becomes activated. You then begin to realize that there is a vast realm of intelligence beyond thought, that thought is only a tiny aspect of that intelligence. You also realize that all the things that truly matter – beauty, love, creativity, joy, inner peace – arise from beyond the mind. You begin to awaken.” Eckhart Tolle

Image: Pinterest

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Steve job (his final words)

fonzandcancer blogging to encourage.

This is what one of the richest men ever to become wealthy thought of life. Some of the things I have been saying in my blogs… This writing may not be exact, some think incorrect. I just think the words are perfect and for all mankind!

Steve Jobs’ Last Words –
I reached the pinnacle of success in the business world.

In others’ eyes, my life is an epitome of success.
However, aside from work, I have little joy. In the end, wealth is only a fact of life that I am accustomed to.
At this moment, lying on the sick bed and recalling my whole life, I realize that all the recognition and wealth that I took so much pride in, have paled and become meaningless in the face of impending death.
In the darkness, I look at the green lights from the life supporting machines and hear the…

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Give me hope and joy!


Thanks for checking in with me. It has been a challenging few weeks.  But it is a new year and l am filled with hope and look forward to all the new opportunities for joy.

l am determined to remain positive and try to ensure that I am ready to face my journey of life and l know that when l look back it will be with fond memories and wonder.

l hope that you have a wonderful start to the new year and that we all remain hopeful and stop to enjoy the pleasant moments and believe we will face challenges by being prepared and supported.

Take care


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I Guess Agilent Doesn’t Want To Make Money The Old Fashioned Way

The Arts Mechanical

With innovative new products. And sales.  At least Agilent’s ATS doesn’t seem to select for talents  that improve those things and nobody really looks for any alternatives.  This is a perfect example as to how the way companies use their ATS systems and how HR departments are screening people out is hurting how the actual business gets done.

The other day I applied for a job through the Agilent ATS system. Here’s the job description This is dated 01/12/16, which become important later:

R&D Mechanical Engineer – LC/MS Instruments Description: In this position as a Mechanical Engineer in the LC/MS Hardware R&D Group, you will be part of an extraordinary multidisciplinary team dedicated and focused on creating great Mass Spectrometers for Life Science markets.

We have an opportunity in our R&D team for a very talented, creative and dedicated Mechanical Engineer to design and analyze scientific instrumentation with the primary application…

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