My Happy Reel. What’s Yours?


Today, I want to talk about my happy reel – my memory reel of happy days. It’s a rotating wheel of memories, a revolving collection of the happiest moments of my life, one after another, one by one. Now, I want to talk about cheek-hurting moments – when you smile so much that your cheeks hurt. Happiness is defined in those moments. In those moments, it’s not just your cheeks which feel it. Your heart smiles too. I live for moments like that.

And that’s what my happy reel is comprised of – memory after memory of cheek-hurting moments. The past few years have been the happiest of my life. So, my happy reel started with the day I met him, on that warm, July evening, and has continued –

to that night in New York (our third date), when he stopped me in the middle of the street…

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