Blind LOVE!

Pinky Manoj

vashikaran-spell-for-gay-love-300x219“Tringgggg……” Once again the ringtone of my phone bangs my ears killing my heavenly sleep on a cold lazy afternoon. I try searching my phone with all possible efforts and with my eyes half open I see a unknown number calling me. I try ignoring but then I realize this isn’t some unknown number, I feel strong sense of someone known calling me, I know this time that its someone and again the surprises sprang up as usual killing my sleep

“Hello Miss Pinky” Says a gentle male voice.

“Umm yes but who is this?” I ask out of utter curiosity.

“I knew you would forget me and my voice, I feel ashamed of everything I did to you.”

By now my BP shoots up and my sleep hangover leaves my body completely. “Excuse me please but I really want to know who you are and what are you upto?”…

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