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With this recent blizzard or should i saysnowpocalypse in the NorthEast America including some parts of Asia like China, Japan and Korea, and temperatures dropping down to 17 degrees in Bangkok, frost glistening in the highland parts of HongKong and Taiwan, i think this article of mine is particularly felicitous. Not that I experienced the above first hand, but let’s talk about the cold and crisp and sometimes bleak winter season.

It’s been two years in a row now: me, celebrating Christmas in Seoul.

First one in 2014: i was with my former and present colleagues who remain close to my heart over the years and we all decided to have a white Christmas together.

The second one in 2015: i was with my family, with my two sisters and their daughters. In the same agenda for them ofseeing the snow for the first time and most importantly formytwo…

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That Song

DoubleU = W

that song

a reminder of crushing moments

of days that last for weeks

of a burden that never lightens

of mourning that began then

and has lasted now for decades

let it play from end to end

it was there that day with me

and just like the memories and mourning

it can stay here to keep me company


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Political Correctness


Political correctness: a very curious tool indeed. Conservatives use it as a bogey to justify their worst prejudices, and liberals use it to stifle dissent by threatening the scarlet letter of “racist” or “sexist” to anyone who deviates from the current liberal norm. It is a political touchstone uniquely capable of bringing out the worst from both sides. In that sense, it may be just the ticket to the next phase, where people sidestep all that post-secondary training in political bitterness, left and right, and re-learn how to treat each other based on only the human heart and imagination. Drop out, turn on, tune in! The Age of Aquarius will be post-political in our sense of the word, “political”!

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Goodbye, Friend


One of my best friends passed away.

Over the years I’ve experienced the passing of people related to me and have attended quite a few funerals. I’m from a large family with an even larger extended family so deaths and funerals are part of that reality. Not until now have I lost a friend. The loss isn’t any more or any less, but it’s different.

With family, you love them all but treat only a few as friends.

With friends, you love them all but treat only a few as family.

Mary Dell Grey was family.

Mary Dell suffered a stroke several months ago and sadly things went steadily downhill. During those awful months she was watched over and cared for by her son Greg Eversole (my friend since fourth grade), her sister Brenda Taylor (my friend for years now), with help from their family and friends. When Mary Dell passed away everyone was understandably devastated.

A small group of friends and I knew Mary Dell for nearly forty years. In all…

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Bara Cailín 4: 29 ‘The thought of wet socks’

BARNABY TAYLOR: Curiosity is Currency

Splashing now. And slipping. But still running as the cockroach rain showed no sign of abating, Inteachán moved into slightly deeper water. She stumbled a couple of times as the water lapped around her calves and filled both boots. The thought of wet socks was another thing Inteachán blocked from her mind as she focussed on her surroundings.

The water was cold. It was deeper. It was filling rapidly with cockroaches. But it was also moving. That was it!

The water was moving – although flowing would be a better term to use.

If the water is flowing, Inteachán reasoned, then it has to be flowing somewhere. If it is flowing somewhere then I need to follow the flow.

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