The Californian’s PCH Road Trip

Faith's True Tales

If you’ve seen SNL’s The Californian’s, you already know that there are many highways in The Golden State. Some have pull-your-hair-out traffic and others are stunning, bringing in beaches, lush green hills, and mountains. The PCH also known as the Pacific Coast Highway has deservedly been featured in movies. You may have seen many a broad climb into some douche bags Corvette convertible, and let her flowy hair and silk scarf fly back into the wind.


The PCH, a 500 mile stretch along the California coast, is probably America’s 2nd most famous highway. Although I’ve seen parts of it, I had heard the section near Big Sur was the farest of them all. I decided that I wanted to see for myself, so we spent a few days taking an incredible road trip up the Central Coast. In my best Karina (from The Californians) accent: Take the 5 to the…

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The True Fortune in “The Fortune Cookie”


Recently, I came across some of my old stories, written when I was still in middle school and high school–not, as today, via a keyboard and word processing program, but with a yellow mechanical pencil, the lead on the pages now faded by the onslaught of years.  I’m not sure why I was rummaging about.  It was one of those quiet, gray, nondescript January days in New England, when the world seems to be slumbering, taking a long nap before reemerging, green, and flowery, in the spring.


I suppose it was just something to do.  I went through long-neglected boxes and plastic tubs, uncovering memorabilia, books I hadn’t flipped through in years, old school assignments, and, yes . . . old stories.  Looking at the sheets of paper, realizing my handwriting had improved not at all since high school, I sat down beside a window and began to read.



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Bicycles and embarrassments



This is one of the many embarrassing things that has happened to me ever.

A few days ago, my friends and I went cycling. To be honest, I haven’t gotten on a bike in like 12 years. Due to my unfortunate overconfidence and my determination to be good at everything, I ended up humiliating myself in front of quite a large crowd.


We went to the park, which was crowded with all sorts of people. We walked down to the bike rental. And that’s when I started panicking. The bikes were really big. I didn’t realise how tiny the bike seats are, they looked so uncomfortable and high up. We paid for three bikes, and went around to choose the bicycles. I mentioned that the park was crowded, but to my dismay so was the rental.

While in the middle of choosing, I overheard a little girl trying to convince…

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Sleep-deprived and Jet-lagged in Manchester

Planning to the Nth

In September, 2011, I arrived in Manchester, with a view to hiring a car and working my way down to London, but after two days of more-or-less steady rain, I felt like I was still home in a particularly wintry Melbourne. On the third morning, as I was leaving to catch the train to York, I was greeted by another downpour. My runners had dried out from the day before but it was obvious that wasn’t going to last long.

A man pushed past me, squeezing me against my case in the hotel doorway, raised him umbrella, almost poking out one of my eyes and took off into the deluge. I launched myself out as well, crossed the road through manic Monday morning traffic to the cafe opposite the hotel and ordered my first English breakfast, scrambled eggs and bacon on wholegrain toast. Delicious. Over coffee I prayed that the…

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Ensenada, Mexico ~ La Bufadora

A Note From Abroad

Saturday, January 23rd ~ Ensenada, Mexico

DSC02858 Umbrellas lining the beach

Waking up just as the sun was emerging from behind the hills surrounding Ensenada Bay, we snapped a few sunrise photos and then waddled off to meal number 572 since we boarded.

Located just 70 miles south of the international border and only a 90-minute drive from San Diego, we were looking forward to getting back on land after five days at sea. 

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