Standoff in the Shower

DoubleU = W

I see him

he sees me

at least I think he see me

or he feels me there

with his spider senses

it’s him versus me

right here in the shower

I’ve turned the water on

it’s far too hot and

burning my legs but

if I move he’ll bolt

he’ll get away through

the gap between the

wall and the curtain

I can’t move

he’s motionless

it’s a standoff

only one thing is sure:

one of us isn’t coming

out of here alive


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I learned this bloody lesson from my dental surgery.

The surgery itself went well. My doctor is a gentle Taiwanese guy, dr. Hsu. He got my two lower wisdom teeth removed in 45 minutes. Except a little noise, he did not inflict much discomfort. Even that noise was not his fault, for I asked to keep me conscious instead of asleep.

What followed was an excruciating half day. Besides anti-biotic, Dr. Hsu also prescribed two pain relieve pills. But I did not buy the pain relieve prescriptions immediately, for two reasons. First, odd enough, I have never taken pain relieve pills in my whole life. This time they also seem unnecessary (I was deadly wrong). Second, I don’t completely trust doctors. Under our healthcare system, doctors have strong incentive to over prescribe medicines.

The result of my distrust cannot be more painful. Since noon, I had been in agony. I…

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Sneck the Door (Snippets 53)

Windows into History

thurso1 Thuso Castle, which is now in ruins.  (source:

In 1792 Sir John Sinclair published his Observations on the Scottish Dialect.  Sinclair was the 1st Baronet of Ulbster and Thurso Castle, and was a Member of Parliament from 1780.  Although he was Scottish himself, his Observations are rather condescending at times, and critical of the differences in language between the English and the Scottish.  Interestingly, a lot of the example he cites as differences have now taken over as the normal manner of expressing things in England as well.  Others are charming examples of Scottish slang, although Sinclair doubtless did not find them charming at all!  The following are some selected quotes from his work.

Scotch: “To want for any thing.”
English: To be without any thing not desirable.

“To cause a person to do any thing.”
To make a person do any thing.

Using cause for make, is…

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By the Mighty Mumford


( as several haiku )

Warmer nights ’round here,

Record temperatures on tap…

Ski area’s loss!

No coat–no worries!

Winter’s abated (nice breeze!)…

NEXT WEEK…we will freeze!

Are plants fooled this time,

What keeps tree buds all in line?

Cold snaps kill flowers!

Weird weather we see,

What February snowfall?

Will springtime be cold?

–Jonathan Caswell

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Ongoing Sad Puppies Stuff

The Arts Mechanical

I’m going to start this post for Sad Puppies stuff that doesn’t deserve a full post.

Summary Vox Day, Vox Day, Puppies are bad. We HAD to smash the Hugos because we are the GOOD people.

Gallo wins Illustrators’ Award.  If these are the examples for her art direction, it wasn’t for her work.

The puppy kickers are now making Lego figures.

I stopped playing with Lego a looong time ago.

Phil Sandifer writes open letter.

Here’s the thing Phil.  As long as you and the rest of your  idiot kicker friends tie Vox to the Sad Puppies there’s no possible way that the puppies can cut him loose.  Vox is the kickers problem, not ours.  We really don’t care very much about Vox one way or another.  It you kickers who’ve stuck us with him.  We will not though abandon and denounce somebody who agrees with…

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