JAZZED OUT LONDON: Robert Mitchell’s Panacea

Jazz You Too

All the Jazzed Out videos deserve our attention – this one is no exception!

Robert Mitchell piano Iain Ballamy saxophone Deborah Jordan voice Tom Mason bass

Laurie Lowe drums

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Crying Wolf

Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

This little piece on all the all the “scandals” attributed to Hillary Clinton got me thinking: What if Aesop was alive today? Certainly, he’d have to be a bit more sophisticated and wily, since no one likes simple stories with obvious morals. Then again, we need them more than ever given how simple-minded the constant stream of very sophisticated “news” renders all of us. So I wrote this piece, which I hope you enjoy.

A long time ago there was a village called Gullibalogna. It nestled up against the rolling hills in a valley where nothing terribly bad ever happened and life was good. Everyone was happy and generally through highly of everyone else because there was no reason to think any other way.

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