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Inspired Visions

#1 The Mindset

To be a champion, you have to cultivate and execute the champion mindset. No one has ever been a loser with a winner’s mindset. Comparatively, no one has ever been a winner with a loser’s mindset.

When it comes to reaching goals, your mindset is everything. Sometimes your mindset is all you have. It is definitely all you begin with. So, if you want to make the change to achieve your goal, you have to make the change in your mind.

#2 Tell Your Friends

Telling your friends builds your accountability towards your goals. Additionally, telling your friends, allow you to build credibility with your words. No one wants to be known as a liar. And for you to be accountable and credible to yourself, your friends, and your goals, you have to do what you said you were going to do. Goal Empowerment comes from being true…

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Rambling About Shaming

The Tony Burgess Blog

There seems to be a lot of shaming in the media today or perhaps it’s the bravery and anonymity of people on social media baiting people into saying really nasty and negative things. What I find sad is when people venerate people for being in their minds the best thing since sliced bread and oxygen while tearing another person down for not being good enough in their minds.

Peyton Manning gets lauded in these parts while Cam Newton is vilified for one reason or another. Facebook can be a bastion of judgmental people (I have been one at times) but there have been some venomous comments made about famous people because they don’t fall in line with their politics or religious slant.

Now I am not without fault but there are some who are very nasty because they have been taught they have to be to elevate their position in…

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Monday Update: Special Olympics Edition


Hi everyone and happy Monday! This past week, my Special Olympic ice skaters competed in the winter games and it was totally awesome. The events took place on Wednesday and Thursday and they were single handedly some of the best days of my life. On Wednesday my sister, Kristen, joined me at the competition and the banquet that followed later in the evening. It was so nice to have her keeping me company and all of my skaters and their families just loved her! The days of the competitions were long but they were so worth it, so let’s discuss:

Wednesday’s competitions were the races for the speed skaters and then the figure skaters would compete in their skills and compulsorary events. On Thursday, the figure skaters would perform their music routines. Wednesday started out much too early for my liking because I had to get up, get ready, pick…

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Haddon Musings


This is the second part of D. Wallace Peach’s good advice for writer’s on publishing.

Myths of the Mirror
Life is make believe, fantasy given form
JANUARY 19, 2016
Goodbye Traditional, Hello Indie (Part II)


Part I of this blog summary focused on my personal experience contracting with a small press. On the whole, it was a valuable learning experience, especially for a new author who knew nothing about anything. My publisher treated me fairly and respectfully, I improved my craft and happily published 6 books. For many authors, this approach may be the perfect publishing route.

Yet, publishing through a small press has significant challenges that are worth considering. As I gained knowledge and skills, it became clear to me that the obstacles outpaced the advantages. In 2015, I experimented and self-published 2 books. The results drove home the stark differences in the two approaches.

In December…

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Into the Heart & Mind of a Comedian


As I laughed at another one of Jerry Mabbott‘s brilliant posts, I truly admire the talented man for bringing laughter into our cynical world. Today, I am fortunate enough to have Jerry agreeing to an interview with MiddleMe. Before I burst into another round of teary laughter, I better put on my serious face and erhmm, start questioning.

Hi Jerry, so great to have you here today! Share with us who is Jerry Mabbott.

Hi, Kally. Thank you for having me! I think first and foremost I have a very deep love for God. I always have. I’ve been married to a wonderful woman named Heather for 18 years. She’s a comedian as well. Go figure. I have three wonderful children and seven precious grandchildren. I’ve always been funny, so I think those people in my life help define me. Plus I love Popeyes Chicken.

You mentioned that you…

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Euphoric Pinnacle


Euphoric Pinnacle

Our passions awaken within the palms of a cherub
Enraptured with twinkles that blanket the night sky
Now they share forever these chaste divine flames
As our hearts fuse intimately in the sweetest lullaby

Soaring then the Heavens on your soft gentle wings
We gaze at the world in this breathtaking journey
Amorous sensations absorb the core of our beings
Laying the foundation for the passion we shall see

Hypnotic stars glisten from both your precious eyes
Captivating my very essence, which already is yours
A euphoria of joy overtakes my heart at this time
Enlivening my heart while within you it then soars

The Sun’s golden rays beam upon your sultry gems
Exotically glowing with your very lustrous appeal
Fruitful with life they shine forth with your essence
Which bursts within mine sharing passions we feel

Your alluring smile shackles my heart with precision
Invigorating it spiritually…

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The Butterfly In You

The Lonely Author

10152495_676876189036144_3517906921649913338_n - Copy

This is a reenactment of a telephone conversation.

“Well, I’m the kind of girl most guys aren’t interested in. I have stubby legs. So, I am very short. My arms are fat like a wrestler. My butt is average, but it looks small because my boobs are abnormally huge. I hate my smile because I have a crooked tooth. Other men aren’t interested in me, but maybe you would like to meet me.”

That was my first wife describing herself.

When I hung up, I vowed to become her best friend. (I don’t remember what I said to her, she swears she knew she was going to marry me after that first conversation).

We talked on the phone everyday four months. In November, I flew 1350 miles (to the Dominican Republic) to meet my friend.

During conversations with her sisters and her parents, I learned she had been abused by…

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