By the Mighty Mumford


Only God’s love everlasting

Has power to our natures outcasting…

Replaced with His Spirit–

We needn’t fear it–

The Evil one with Him contrasting!

The Father through Jesus Christ,

His only Son’s sacrifice…

Our price paid

On the cross he laid,

So we could enter Paradise!

On Christ’s name believe,

His Lordship salvation receive…

For God is Love

Come down from above,

Do not His Holy Spirit grieve!

God’s love in both reason and rhyme,

Embodied in Christ came in time…

God is love to prove–

Believers are moved

To God all their sins resign!

Repenting  and confessing their sins,

Believers then receive “ins”…

To enter boldly

God’s throne room holy,

Where nothing on earth can bind.

–Jonathan Caswell

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The Power Of Debt

The Arts Mechanical

Debt can even kill a company 1428 years old.



Debt is poison.  Use it sparingly and wisely. Use it to grow, not to meet the needs of today. Pay it back as quickly as you can.

For more on the dysfunctional economy click Here or on the tag below.

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Psychosis/Enlightenment 2


MT, we started by talking about Plato, and you pondered what would happen if we stripped away our illusions. Would we end up as the Dalai Lama or as Meursault in Camus’s The Stranger? Would we spiral towards madness or find serenity?

So I pondered Plato. Reality is a manifold, with some layers more illusory than others. Plato found the sensory layer most illusory (as do the Buddhists I presume), but he didn’t see it in black and white terms (illusion bad, reality good). Even the sensory layer is an important first step, a pointer to the next layer, which then seems “real” to us until we get one step deeper, etc. MT, you’re becoming a Platonist despite your own resistance.

Note Plato’s assignment of sensory data to the lowest level (most illusory) of reality/truth seems to pit him against the empiricist epistemology that dominates our current Age of…

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