The Downsides Of Single Payer Medicine.

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You have to ask the horrible question, “who does the doctor work for?”

The answer to that question affects your life, liberty and health in so many ways.  If the Doctor works for you, his patient, then there’s a high degree of trust in the relationship.  With the various forms of single payer, you the patient doesn’t run the show anymore, the government does.

That means that your doctor just became a spy for the government on your lifestyle and activities.  He doesn’t have a choice unless he wants to risk his livelyhood.  Rush points out how this works with guns, but maybe there’s far more to it.  After all, governments aren’t well known for respecting people’s rights.

Of course it goes further than doctors.  You might have to submit to constant monitoring, for your health of course.

And big government isn’t known for it’s flexibility and…

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Jazz You Too

“The shit sounded as good as a motherfucker” Miles Davis said about Herbie Hancock. They played together for five years, this concert happened during their second year. The quintet also features a very young Tony Williams as well as Ron Carter and Wayne Shorter.

Trumpet: Miles Davis Saxophone: Wayne Shorter Piano: Herbie Hancock Bass: Ron Carter Drums: Tony Williams

Sunday, October 11, 1964 Teatro dell’Arte Milan, Italy

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