The Absolute Best Activity to do While on Vacation in Another Country

Mary in Manhattan

The answer is…a COOKING CLASS. Learning to cook in another country is an amazing way to gain an insider view of the location. The classes are taught by locals who educate you (in a fun way) about the types of foods that are prevalent in that country, eating etiquette and a whole bunch of other stuff indirectly (like culture, language and history). What can I say? Food brings people together.

IMG_1594.JPGDuring my trip to Thailand, I spent $50 and cooked (and ate) a three-course meal at Samui Institute of Thai Culinary Arts (SITCA). The class was recommended on Trip Advisor, and was right in downtown Chaweng on the island of Koh Samui. We learned a ton and got to keep a book of recipes.

What we made (and, ultimately…ate):

  • Homemade yellow Curry paste
  • Yellow Curry with Chicken
  • Glass noodle soup with soft tofu (my fave)
  • Deep fried fish with turmeric

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