Ali’s itsy bitsy bites- Fauchon Cafe

Ali's itsy bitsy bites

Target lunch


I woke up late and feeling so hungry and thinking to try something new. I did a quick checking on the net and found FAUCHON CAFE. Took my self and mine empty belly to discover this cafe.


Well, looking at it from outside, made me check my wallet. Lolo


From the time I entered all I can see is an elegant classy place. A lot of elements got my attention.


A good amount of space between the tables. Perfect lighting and color reflection.


The stuff looked elegant in their uniforms. Friendly and helpful. Good knowledge in what they are serving. They are lacking some communication skills among themselves. What I noticed, some of the waiters wearing gloves when they are dealing with the desert and others are not.




I’m glad that they have the option of a regular menu and iPad menu…

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