We must support our junior doctors

Pertinent Problems

Like many people, while I support the right to strike, I’m not usually too keen on them actually taking place. A typical example would be when it comes to suspending service on the London Underground, whereby drivers paid in the region of £50,000 a year feel like their job is becoming too taxing and so feel inclined to inconvenience the general public.

Junior doctors get paid less than half of this, and they have just striked for the first time in 40 years (barring last month). This alone should tell you that something must be going horribly wrong, but when you also factor in how invaluable and highly-skilled a profession this is, it’s hard to overestimate how serious this is. Lives are at stake.

So, why are they striking? Are they just being lazy? In short, no. These strikes are in response to Jeremy Hunt’s (Health Secretary) new contract which he has now unilaterally imposed…

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