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I ran into a couple of videos recently. The first is from Neil Degrasse Tyson about climate change.


This is a typical rant that you will see from people who purport to represent science.  But the entire way they approach the issue is antithetical to the practice of science itself. First of all they are stating that man made global warming is a fact based on almost no evidence.  Look, in the scientific universe  facts are things that are indisputable. Facts are testable and don’t change regardless of how many different methods that you use to test them. Speed of light in a vacuum. FACT, because it’s been tested every which way and it’s always the same.  If it wasn’t, we’d have new science. AGW(Anthropogenic Global Warming) isn’t a fact because there’s no way to test it and make it falsifiable. To say that AGW is a fact is making…

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New York New Year, 1889 (Snippets 48)

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Max O'Rell Max O’Rell, drawn by Harry Furniss (source: National Portrait Gallery)

One of my favourite ‘forgotten’ authors is Max O’Rell, a travel writer whose books are funny and readable, despite now all being well over 100 years old.  His 1889 book, Jonathan and his Continent, tackled the subject of American life and customs, and he described a New Year party spent in a club in New York, the Author’s Club.  The club had been founded only recently, in 1882, and attracted some very famous members over the years, including Mark Twain (as mentioned by O’Rell), but also Robert Louis Stevenson, Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt.  The club was disbanded in 1973.

The hospitality of American clubs is thoughtfully and generously extended to foreigners who visit the States. I had not been a fortnight in America before I was “put up” as honorary member of nearly all the New York…

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