November 1943 (2)

Pacific Paratrooper

Red Beach Two - 105th Field Artillery landing Red Beach Two – 105th Field Artillery landing

13-20 November – troops, ships and aircraft had amassed in Hawaii, Fiji Islands and New Hebrides for the Gilbert/Marshall operations.  This included more than 100,000 troops and 8 aircraft carriers of the Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard.  The first actions were under VAdm. Spruance, Commander of the Central Pacific Force.

15 November –  Thirty-one B-24s from the 90th BG took off on a strike against Wewak, New Guinea, but failed to meet escorting fighters. Instead, they bombed Alexishafen Airfield No. 1, with excellent results and 95% of bombs on target, causing two explosions, and fires started on Danip plantation. No enemy fighters were seen over the target.

Eighty-eight B-25’s from all four squadrons of the 345th BG and two squadrons of the 38th BG took off on a strike against Wewak and Boram. While waiting for escorting P-47s at the rendezvous point at…

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Tech Stuff 6

The Arts Mechanical

Permanent storage?  Looks like it.

This looks like a good thing for archiving data.

Traversing The Welland Canal

And ship traversing a lock.

A new way to make shoes.  And maybe other fabric goods.

The WW1 girls who turned yellow filling shells for the war.

The evolution of the Porsche 911.

And the plant that makes them.

And another one.

HLJ does Winter Wonderfest.

Destroyed and shunned in the 5th Century.  The end of some Roman veterans and their village in Sweden.

Bad for them. knowledge for us.

The story of snake oil.

Interesting little machine.

Video of the week, Atlas goes home early after a pissy work day.

The Tech Stuff Series.

Tech Stuff 5.

Tech Stuff 4.

Tech Stuff 4

Tech Stuff 3.

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