Here’s Why Bill Gates Used to Memorize Employee License Plates


It sounds a bit controlling, but for any entrepreneur, it makes perfect sense.

At just 23 years old in 1979, Bill Gates was in charge of one of the most well-known software companies in the world. Microsoft had revenues around $2.5M per year in 1979. They employed a small, highly motivated team.

Well, most of them were highly motivated.

As Gates explained in an interview with the BBC recently, he used to memorize the license plates of his employees to know when they were arriving and when they were leaving for the day. Let’s just say he wanted to know who was committed.

As anyone who has started a company knows, when you smell an opportunity, you get a little transfixed by it. You can barely think of anything else. Microsoft would eventually build the original version of DOS and then the first version of Windows, which sold…

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Hillary Clinton’s Firewall Does Not Go West or North


Despite the corporate media’s desire for the so-called “Clinton firewall” to stop the political revolution, they will be disappointed to find out that the Northeast, Midwest, and West are not protected from the bern.

The media keeps telling us that after winning South Carolina, Hillary Clinton will dominate Super Tuesday and that will make her the nominee. Not so fast. First of all, Bernie Sanders can do well on Super Tuesday even if Hillary Clinton dominates the southern states. The last time I checked, Vermont, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Colorado, and Oklahoma were not southern states. That is 5 out of the 11 Super Tuesday states.

So what is Bernie’s path to victory after that? Bernie is leading in Massachusetts, so I would think that Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and that big state just to the south of New England where Bernie was born and raised are all winnable for Bernie. Oh…

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