Ice in the Sun: Navigating through a Highland Winter

Karen Thorburn Photography

When I scroll through my portfolio, the thing that strikes me most is colour. I love colour. Not just colour, but also light, shadows, water, clouds and the seasons. As a photographer, I try to combine these passions with landscapes that inspire me; most of which are to be found in the Highlands and Islands. I’m also drawn to the finer details within these landscapes, such as a simple snail, a shell, a collection of pebbles or an outcrop of lichen on a stone wall; things that most people miss whilst lost in conversation or walking the dog.

Ice in the Sun, Ardullie, Cromarty Firth Sea Ice at Sunrise, Ardullie, Cromarty Firth

I’m pleased to say that my Black Isle Project is becoming something of an obsession. I have a very clear vision but it certainly doesn’t involve photographing muddy puddles or horizontal rain – the 2015/16 winter status quo. Landscape photography in the Highlands this season has been…

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