A little of each other

The Journey of My Left Foot (whilst remembering my son)


Sunday 28th February

“We all take different paths in life,
but no matter where we go,
we take a little of each other everywhere.”

Everywhere we go, somehow you are with us. You come along for the ride, for the adventure, or even for the mundane.

Although you are not physically with us, you remain in my heart forever.
Your DNA is within me, and mine within you.
In my handbag are little white feathers that I have found, and tucked into a zipped pocket, wrapped up safely, is the Frankie Angel bear.
When we drive in Dad’s car, your seatbelt is done up, and it shows on the dashboard that there is a passenger in the back, where you used to sit. Where your spirit now is seated.
I carry your photograph in my bag too, a happy, smiling face.
And of course my phone is full of photo…

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The Renegade Press

I rest my hand against your chest and feel it swell with a sharp intake of breath. Your skin is warm against my palm as I map the contours of your flesh. I marvel at the symmetry of your breasts; tracing my fingers around their curves and feel your heart beat against them. I breathe in your scent and watch you exhale as your lips break into a smile and your toes curl beneath the sheets. Your allure is intoxicating; I am inebriated by your scent. My hands tremble whenever you leave me. My soul feels bare when you are gone.

I move towards you and hold my lips an inch from yours. I want to stare into your eyes and peer into your soul. I want to understand the divinity that lies beneath the exquisiteness of your skin. Your eyes flicker across my features; your chest rises and falls…

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A Luncheon Date With A Wedding Photographer Part 2


We are back again from the first portion of the interview done with Annabel, a talented young wedding photographer who has passion and drive to survive the tough business world on her own.

You said the market is pretty saturated. Look at all the massive number of booths in Bridal Shows! How do you make sure your brand stay alive and ahead of others?

I provide a personal touch with my clients. My clients place tremendous trust in me. A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, bad photography can screw things up for the happy couple and ruin their precious memories. I take the initiative to help out during the bridal process like what goes on during gatecrashing or tea ceremony. I am also great assuring the bride and helping her with little stuff, from pinning up her hair to teaching her my special way of peeing in her wedding…

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What I expected to be Freedom…. (Made me Lonely)



Bent over my notebook, my fingers on the handle of the coffee mug, the windows letting in some soft breeze, I was having emotions I was confused of. Not though on my PMS, I knew this was something resembling to that situation. I felt like crying, maybe because I was stressed out due to the Mid Terms for the course I never intended to do. I am doing B.tech, which is poles apart from what my interest lies in, Humanity, maybe Sociology but certainly not Technology. So there I was, in my room 410, in the right most corner , crouched over the cushioned chair and lost in my own dramatic world. My room mate during my 1st year belonged to South and since this hostel is somewhere in Uttar Pradesh (North), she didn’t go home that often. But, this new roomie of mine, belongs to Delhi (Nearby UP) and…

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Glass Houses

The Renegade Press

I was recently told that my writing has the ability to cause great harm. According to one visitor to my site, my mindset is damaging and shows a proclivity towards destabilising social order and pushing boundaries. While it is a compelling argument, and it is true that I do try to disrupt societal preconceptions; to say that I am a destructive force within the blogging community seems a little far fetched. Don’t get me wrong, I’m flattered that my work could affect someone to such a degree that the felt the need to contact me in an effort to degrade it. I just believe that those in glass houses should not throw stones.

A hush falls over the crowd as a collective sense of anticipation builds. There was an undertone of malice laced through those words. You can almost taste the tension in the air. Hell hath no fury like…

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Monday Update: Forever 21 Haul Edition


Hi everyone and happy Monday! Last weekend my mom and I ventured to one of the bigger malls that my area of Ohio has to offer, Southpark Mall in Strongsville. We rarely go to Southpark and the last time that I went was years ago. The mall is absolutely gigantic and we went during the holiday season last time around so needless to say, it was quite overwhelming. Last week we went just to change things up a little bit and I died and went to Forever 21 heaven. Their store was huge! Take a look at my latest goodies from my most recent shopping trip:

^^^ I’m a fan.

As all of you know, Lil Red rocks all black everything more often than not so when I saw these edgy hoodie dresses, I knew that they had to be mine. When I used to work at an urban clothing…

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