A Luncheon Date With A Wedding Photographer Part 2


We are back again from the first portion of the interview done with Annabel, a talented young wedding photographer who has passion and drive to survive the tough business world on her own.

You said the market is pretty saturated. Look at all the massive number of booths in Bridal Shows! How do you make sure your brand stay alive and ahead of others?

I provide a personal touch with my clients. My clients place tremendous trust in me. A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, bad photography can screw things up for the happy couple and ruin their precious memories. I take the initiative to help out during the bridal process like what goes on during gatecrashing or tea ceremony. I am also great assuring the bride and helping her with little stuff, from pinning up her hair to teaching her my special way of peeing in her wedding…

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