The 1980’s We Did NOT GET(And That’s A GOOD Thing)

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The 1930’s SF Comedy “Just Imagine.” While this is a comedy, this retro future has some disturbing elements.  Considering when the movie was made and what it shows this is what the Progressives wanted as their ideal end game.

Apparently the model used in the movie was designed around the 1929 regional plan for the City Of New York with some touches from the granddaddy of urban utopia film, Metropolis, a film that still has great impact, but that people never seem to learn the most important lesson from, which is, don’t do this.

Click to access RPA-Plan1-v1-Regional-Plan-of-New-York-and-Its-Environs.pdf

Click to access RPA-Plan1-v2-Regional-Plan-of-New-York-and-Its-Environs.pdf

In amongst the Art Deco and Flash Gordon look(literally, many of the effects and props were used by Flash Gordon and other serials) is a society that, is pretty fascistic. Considering that the movie was made in 1930…

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