Inside a Matter of Trust

Wide Awake But Dreaming

We’ve reached the point in the narrative where answers are coming, but in order to find those answers steps must be taken that are, let’s face it, a bit difficult.  Not only are they hard for the people in the story, but it’s difficult for the writer as well–

Last night while I was churning through the twelve hundred words that fall below I was rereading some of the stuff from the first novel, and I happened upon a passage that, about half way through the reading, started the tears a-flowing.  It’s been a while since that happened and it caught me well off guard.  I had to take about ten minutes and regroup because I had difficultly getting back into the current story after that.

I’ve been a little like that with this story, though the feeling is more like dread than anything else.  So far no tears have…

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