You can make it through

Dearest Someone,

Every now and then I’m faced with situations where I have to sit down and tell myself that I can make it through –  these aren’t situations such as panic attacks, they’re just normal, everyday situations. I find myself thinking “you can do this, you’ve just got to get through this day,” or “later on you’ll be back home and it’ll all be over” – situations like this have included, in the past, things such as exams, long journeys, job interviews, meetings, stressful workloads and, of course some pretty intense stuff (trauma). So I think, when I’ve had standard everyday stuff that’s left me feeling the same way, then I am, inevitably exhausted once I managed to get through whatever it was that was causing such stress.

This past week has been one of them “you’ve gotta get through this” kinda weeks; it’s just been a pretty tense week. I…

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