Darth Vader was Misunderstood


A huge number of fans still love the legacy of Star Wars. I think one fiction character we do pay much attention is Darth Vader. He is the greatest villain of our time. Otherwise, he is misunderstood. Least to say he misunderstood his siblings and the world around him. In fact who did make him this way? My best answer is Chancellor Palpatine who later becomes the Emperor. Darth Vader was once Anakin Skywalker who was an innocent little boy, which became the figure we hated him before in his adulthood. However, Darth jumped to too many conclusions of his family, friends, and the universe. He thought he had everything figured out. The rebellion had to convince him that he is making the galaxy into an evil place. The whole landscape of the galaxy looked complex because of the Emperor’s ruling. Darth Vader did know about love and compassion, but…

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