Tarawa (3) Additional Information and Quotes

Pacific Paratrooper

One of the cemeteries at Tarawa. One of the cemeteries at Tarawa.

Japanese RAdmiral Keiji Shibasaki was commander of the 3rd Special Base Defense Force, the tokubetsu Konkyochitai, who was responsible for defending the Ocean, the Gilberts and the Nauru Islands.  During the US invasion, he gave his orders from a concrete bunker on Betio.  He should have stayed there.  He was killed when he moved his staff to a secondary headquarters.

In choppy seas and heavy winds, the LVTs (aka Amtraks) moved in.  Destroyers Ringgold and Dashiell followed the minesweepers Requiste and Pursuit who went into the shallow waters of the lagoon with Lt. Forbes Webster and Stanley Page (of the RNZ Navy), as their pilots.

When it was over. When it was over.

Japanese Warrant Officer, Ota recalled, “We could see the American landing craft coming towards us like dozens of spiders over the surface of the water.  One of my men exclaimed, ‘The God of Death…

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The Good Aliens Have Contacted Sarah Jackson Of An Evil Alien Invasion


Dear, Mr. U.S. President, Drew Andrews,

You may think that this warning letter is silly giving to you by mail telling you something stupid. But, it’s not. Hello, my name is Sarah Jackson. The good aliens have contacted me that we’re soon going to war against evil aliens and the good aliens offered to help us fight them. We are going to have a galaxy war against the evil aliens. The good aliens will be coming here to protect us and our home planet from an evil alien invasion. But, there is no guarantee that we’ll win the war. If we do lose it. I will remind you and the Earthlings if we die that we’ll be going to a better place then this one. One without war and violence. We should be prepared to fight and protect our home planet with our allies. Contact me first when you get this…

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