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George Martin: 1926-2016

I have read the book

its cover lies closed

the blackbird now

with her folded wings

floats within the sky

among precious stones


the dirt will be wiped

from our hands as

we march from the grave

the whole world came

you helped to give us love –

all that we ever needed


now you have followed

the path of your sun

into the waiting arms

of your Lady Madonna

you’ll now forever roam

immortal fields forever


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The Calm Before the Light: Talking the Panic

Wide Awake But Dreaming

I come to you feeling all down and lowly this morning because the cold that I thought I’d completely shook back in January, and that I’d miss even though all these people in my office are sick, has done its damnedest to creep back into my life.  The last couple of days I’ve had to deal with a scratchy throat, stuffy nose, and a general feeling of blah all the time, and it hasn’t made writing any easier for me.

"I'll get right to dropping Kerry into the Pit of Hell just as soon as my head stops spinning." “I’ll get right to dropping Kerry into the Pit of Hell just as soon as my head stops spinning.”

And even though it’s 40 F/4 C right this moments, in a few hours it’ll be 77 F/25 C, which means one can’t dress too warm or you’ll overheat by the early afternoon, and that won’t help at all when it comes to getting better.

Which is why my legs are bare, because of course they are. Which is why my legs are…

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10 Ways to U-turn a Negative Thought


We often have bad thoughts creeping into our minds particularly after a bad situation. Before acting out in anger or berating yourself in shame, take a deep breath and here are the ways to turn your negative thoughts around.


Distract Yourself
Unable to stop the negative thoughts from flowing in, take a break from your desk and venture out into the greenery outside your office for a breather. Letting your mind get distracted by something other than letting those negative thoughts lingering around.


Food for Thoughts
Sometimes we feel much much better after a good meal. A friend of mine loves to binge on food whenever she is depressed or frustrated with something and she always felt better once she is full.


Exercise the Demons Away
Sweating out your frustrations is a good way to keep fit and stay focused on your problem. After a good workout and a cold…

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